Racing Kids has been keeping kids warm, free and ready for adventure since the 90ties. No matter what the day and the weather forecast bring, our cute, warm and comfy styles enable kids to roam and explore.

Inspired by the Nordic concept of forest kindergartens where kids spend the entire day in the woods, the outdoor accessories of Racing Kids are durable, comfortable and sustainable.

When CEO and Owner Malene Uhre was one of those adventurous kindergarteners, her mom Gitte Uhre saw the need for affordable outerwear of high quality to make even the coldest and rainiest day a starting point for fun. Gitte founded Racing Kids with her own designs, including the legendary balaclava that has been a kids’ favorite ever since and epitomizes the fun and freedom that we are all about.

Malene now carries the torch and with constant product innovation she strives to help new generations experience the magic of the outdoors, and Racing Kids is now sold in 300+ shops across Europe. With a focus on organic textiles and no individual plastic wrapping, a big part of Malene’s mission is to preserve the nature that Racing Kids dresses kids to explore.

Racing Kids is made for movement.