Made for movement

We have carefully refined our design over many years and know all about creating the perfect fit and comfy feel. Our hats stay put, balaclavas fit close to the skin and mittens are easy to grab with.

A hat for all kinds of weather

Our three qualities and thicknesses from single to double layer cotton and cotton lined wool gives you plenty of choice to find warm accessories for any kind of weather.

+25 years of experience

We started in 1991 about the same time as the forest kindergartens emerged and created new requirements for outerwear for children who stay outdoors all day all year long.

Perfectly fitting accessories

We are passionate about designing perfectly fitting outdoor accessories for children age 0 - 10 years. Our goal is to keep kids warm and comfy while freely exploring the world.

Warm and windproof

Our combination of wool, cotton and Thinsulate creates warm, soft and windproof accessories.

Soft, strong and stretchy

Inspired by the advanced textiles and techniques applied in gymnastics wear, we use a unique cotton that is soft, strong and stretchy - and keeps our items fit even after long term use.